Booking us

Teannaich can be booked for any of your events: weddings, parties, festivals or anything else.
If you would like to find out more about bookings, prices or any other details relating to the band please have a look at the information below or feel free to contact us:

When you call you will speak to Mark who manages the band.

Email to:
You can also phone us on: +44(0)771 890 3064
Never organised a Ceilidh before? Have a look below for some advice from Teannaich.

About the Band

How many of you are there?
There are 5 musicians in the band: fiddle, cittern (like a big mandolin), electric guitar, bass and drums.

Do you have a caller?
Yes we have an expert caller, with many years of experience teaching dances for complete beginners to advanced ceilidh dancers.

Do you play other music?
Teannaich play ceilidh music incorporating a lot of rock/ funk style into the music but we don’t play covers etc. although we do play some music for listening or just dancing to if people need a break from ceilidh.

Can you provide disco
Teannaich have a CD player and iPod/phone input as part of our PA system and we can put some disco music through our sound system when we are not playing or many people like to make up their own playlists.

What do you sound like?
Listen to our online sound files or buy a copy of our album.

What is your stage setup?
For most events Teannaich bring everything they need for playing including sound system, for events where we are not using our sound system you can find our technical specification here.

Do you have a photo of the band?
Click here to download a photo of the band.


How to book?
If you would like to book the band please send Mark an email or give him a phone. We will need to know the date, time and location of the event to make bookings.

How to confirm booking?
Teannaich take a deposit to confirm bookings which can be paid by bank transfer or cheque (cheques payable to “Teannaich”)

What if I don’t have all the details?
We need to know the date and venue for a booking. Other details need to be given to us at least 1 month before the event.

Do you travel?
Yes Teannaich will travel anywhere to play (we do charge travel expenses).

Setting up

When do you set up?
We usually set up in the 45 minutes before the start of the ceilidh, setting up earlier in the day may be possible for an extra charge.

How much space do you need?
We are a five piece band with drums and PA so we need space for that (roughly 8meters wide and 2meters front to back).

Do you need a stage?
It is preferable to have some staging but we can do without.

What power do you need?
We need two 13amp (normal mains) power points, we bring everything else we need.

If you want to discuss any of this further, give Mark a call, on +44(0)131 621 4709, or e-mail him.



Teannaich’s advice on
organising a Ceilidh.

Most people organising a wedding have never had to book a band before so here is some advice from our experiences.

Do you want a Ceilidh?

Think about if there’s going to be enough people who want to dance.

Choosing the band

It might seem an odd bit of advice to be giving but you have to decide if Teannaich is the right band for you. Please note that we are quite loud and although we do all the traditional dances we are not a traditional sounding ceilidh band.

Choosing the venue

Teannaich have played in many different venues over the years. From hotels to castles to marquees to ships we’ve seen pretty much most sorts of venues. When choosing a venue there are a few points that are worth considering that will effect how the ceilidh goes.

1. How big is the dance floor?
You may be told how many people the dance floor will take but check it for yourself. If you have asked for tables and chairs for everyone at the ceilidh ensure there is space for them off the dance floor. Also remember the band needs somewhere to play so ensure that this is taken into account and the area given for the band will not encroach on the dance floor. We need roughly 2 metres front to back and 8 metres wide, or 5 metres front to back and 6 metres wide.

2. Does the venue have a noise limit?
Quite a few venues do have noise limiters. It means if we play too loud the power gets cut off to the band. When inquiring about a venue ask if they have a noise limit. If they do, ask what level it is. You should get a number in “decibels” (db), normally somewhere in the 90s. Talk to Mark about the suitability of the venue for Teannaich if a noise limiter is fitted.

3. Does the venue have a curfew?
Some venues have a strict time when the band must stop playing. It is possible that this time is earlier than you can book the venue till. Check, just in case. Make sure the finish time is the time when guests are to leave not the band. We take about 30 minutes to pack up at the end of the night.

4. Access to the venue?
We like ground floor venues or venues with lifts. Saves us carrying all those heavy boxes of equipment up the stairs. It is also a good idea for you to consider this, depending on who will be coming along to your ceilidh.


Our standard booking for a ceilidh last for 4 hours with a 30-45 break. Shorter ceilidhs are of course an option but we would not advice anything longer much longer. People get tired and the ceilidh can end up dying off rather than finishing on a high.

We take about 45 minutes to set up before we can start playing. If the venue has been set up for something else beforehand, e.g. a meal, then we quite often have to wait for the room to be cleared before we can start to set up. If the room has to be emptied of people before any of this happens, then this can take some time too.